Episode 76

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

Its Episode 76 of the PDR Marketing Minute Podcast and Gene Fetty is here to talk about video content. He begins by discussing his meeting with his AdWords representative and their conversation about the video. He then talks about YouTube, being the number 2 search engine in the world, even though all their content is video. Encouraging listeners to start making videos, Gene further talks about the three things making videos can do for your business. Firstly, for retail technicians, putting up videos will not only get your name and business out, it will also help you get new customers. The second thing is directed specifically to hair repair techs where uploading videos of repairs can get you even more projects or jobs. Gene then describes how his sample video on the Facebook podcast community got his a few offers from customers. This final, but most important thing video can do for you is to let your customers and potential customers know you, your business, and help them trust you.

Gene goes on to talk about how Steven Hamby showcases how important video is by working with a customer, who was an avid Hayes Freeman fan and was still convinced that the PDR process involves duct taping cars and blowing air into them to get the dents out. The power of video is undeniable and Gene encourages people to get out and make videos for their business.

If you wish to learn how to make videos professionally, visit thepdrvideocourse.com and sign up with the coupon code VIDEOWORKS for 30% savings. Gene ends the podcast this week by discussing last weeks live Facebook video that was done on the PDR Marketing Minute page where questions from customers and viewers were answered for just over an hour. Jack Bucknell, Ian Cordell, and Steven Hamby were also involved and offered their own tips and explained how the implementation of video helped their businesses. Sign up and get Gene’s Review System at pdrmarketingminute.com for free.

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