Episode 77

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

This week’s episode of PDR Marketing Minute continues with the discussion of videos. Gene heads back to the studio after being on the road and recording his podcasts using his phone. He talks about how after the hour-long live Q&A video and the last few videos, people have been getting back and acknowledging how well videos have been working for them as well. In fact, new people have been uploading videos which is a fresh sight. In today’s episode, Gene talks about how creating video for purposes other than just showcasing your repairs, helps bring customers in. He then describes 3 educational videos that will help anyone getting into the business.

The first video comes from Steven Hamby and is about a repair job he did with his bumper repair friend. While Steven displayed his paintless crease repair work on the front door of the vehicle, his friend perfectly blended the corner of a damaged bumper. These videos bring additional value to customers and your business. The second video is from Dane who uploaded a video today, of a smash job that was in a very bad condition and where PDR just would not work. So, rather than not do anything, he described the added hidden damage under the bumper that made it impossible to use paintless dent removal methods. Lastly, Gene talks about how it isn’t important to always get big-spending clients. The Take Away Close, that is one of Keith’s favorite lines is where rather than losing a customer who is not willing to pay for the premium finish, you can offer them a slightly brought down price. A customer called in and described a door ding on a lease car that was actually a dent that would cost $450 to repair. Since the customer did not want to invest that much, Gene offered him a used car quality service where the repair work is just great, but the results won’t be perfect. He agreed to the $350 quote and Gene recorded the process and stored it in the library to show future customers the difference between the premium finish and the slightly brought down offer.

The three videos described here will help build trust between you and your customers quicker. Gene finally explains that if the listeners wish to make videos, but require some kind of assistance, they can visit thepdrvideocourse.com and use the coupon code VIDEOWORKS for an additional 30% off. Listeners can also sign up at pdrmarketingminute.com, sign up, and get Gene’s Review System for free.

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