Episode 78

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

On week 78 of the PDR Marketing Minute Podcast, we continue with Gene talking about the power of video. Rather than the usual YouTube videos, Gene discusses Facebook Live videos this week. He talks about the new shop that was opened in Pittsburgh this week and how he did a Facebook Live video and uploaded to the Dent Repair Now Facebook page. The video was shared by friends and family and done well in bringing in new customers. He talks about how a gentleman drops into the store today before he closed up and recognized him from the Facebook Live video.

Gene goes on to focus on how powerful video content is and how he has been advising people to create more videos for the past few years. It provides instant credibility according to Gene. He explains that making a Facebook Live video is not difficult and all you have to do is talk about your services, shop, or talk about a repair project you’re working on. He also says that if you can get a customer into the Facebook Live video, it will be even more powerful. Ending the podcast, Gene encourages listeners to create Facebook Live videos and tag him in them so that he can check them out.

If getting comfortable in front the camera is difficult for you, Gene advises you to visit thepdrvideocourse.com and use the discount code VIDEOWORKS and get 30% off. For the Review System, sign up at pdrmarketingminute.com.

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