Episode 79

This week’s episode begins with Gene apologizing for missing out last week as he was on a hail trail and commuting back to Pennsylvania. He talks about the importance of being ready for a hail storm and talks about how the person he went to work for was completely unprepared. Although he is a hail chaser by trade, his retail presence is not as strong as a retail tech. But, because he lived in a small town and was one of the better-known businesses, his Google listing appears in the first page. His My Business listing was also given a lot of space on the page. Unfortunately, when the hail storm hit, his phone was ringing off the hook and he couldn’t manage the load. The dealership he services was also hit and he was completely overwhelmed with about 40-50 calls. He also had to way to track leads, no call logs, or any time to call potential customers back. This would have cost him thousands of dollars because he just couldn’t contact them back. Although the gentleman had a website, it was not updated and there was no way to capture leads on it.

Gene tells listeners to always be prepared for local hailstorms by having a basic website that is constantly updated. This will help you log calls and capture any leads. Incorporate a method of writing messages or have a call log to keep track of customers and where they are from. He then describes the call log Keith from the PDR College Community uses and that it can be found in the Phone Skills tab of the PDRCollege.com website. It is also a PDF downloadable version. Hene continues to stress on the importance of having an updated website with great video content.

Gene further talks about a video he is editing which is similar to what Shane shot last year when a storm hit near him. He offers any help to listeners by directing them to send an email to pdrmarketingminute@gmail.com or sign up at PDRMarketingMinute.com and get Gene’s Review System. He ends the episode by telling us a story of how a customer with a $4000 project almost chose not to visit the gentleman he was working with because his Google listing had 0 reviews.

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