Episode 83

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

On this week’s episode of PDR Marketing Minute, Gene talks about how he had been burned out and needed a break for a few weeks and is happy to finally be back. He also thanks Keith Cosentino for allowing him to take a break. Talking about the show, he says that the format has been changed a bit where they will still continue with short weekly shows, but along with that, they will do a longer, 30-minute show with listeners as the guest hosts. In that show, they will discuss the guest’s business, their story, journey, and how the PDR Marketing Minute team can help them expand their marketing and sales. To get onto the show, you simply have to send an email, with the subject line reading “I Want On”, to PDRMARKETINGMINUTE@GMAIL.COM.

Gene further discusses how the shows are sent to Keith and Shane who conduct the PDR College Podcast every week. He also talks about his iTunes feed being updated with most of his older shows. To get a hold of those shows, you need to search for PDR Marketing Minute on the Podcast app on your Apple device. By doing so, you will receive a new episode every Wednesday which will be a replay of Monday’s College PDR Podcast.

He further talks about a one and a half-hour Q&A which he just finished on Facebook Live. He also got viewers involved through a Zoom Webinar and discussed their businesses, the replay of which will be uploaded to the PDR Marketing Minute Facebook page. He concludes the podcast with a story about how an acorn damage video he uploaded to YouTube convinced a customer to drive 4 hours to pay him a visit with a tiny acorn dent on his BMW convertible. Gene encourages listeners to make videos and write blogs on those videos for a more powerful marketing strategy. Check out the PDR Marketing Minute Facebook page or join the email list at PDRMARKETINGMINUTE.COM to check out the latest replays and get all the information you need.

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