Episode 85

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 17, 2018

This week on PDR Marketing Minute, Gene shares a simple, yet effective tactic for increasing business orders and revenue – the Customer Appreciation Card. It is something Dent Repair Now has been using for some time now and has worked wonders. They do not offer rewards, but special prices for returning customers. The ones Gene use are of high-quality plastic and have embossed numbers on it. They cost about $1/card and are made at PlasticPrinters.com. Gene offers an alternative that Vistaprint offers for less than $1 which also work great. Dent Repair Now offers 10% off on returning customers and $100 off for any hail damage repair work.

He discusses how in about a year and a half, his sales have increased by $5000-$6000 only because of the Customer Appreciation Card. He has also retained his old customers and gained new ones by extending the offers to the customer’s families and friends through referrals. Gene then encourages listeners to come up with unique ideas for retaining their own customers and taking their business to greater heights.

Lastly, he talks about the Mind Your Business seminar that will be held in Pittsburgh in a few weeks. It is a seminar conducted by Gene, Dave Streen, and Kip Brooks, and will be focused on marketing and sales tactics. They will teach people how to sharpen their tactics and implement them in the right way. All the information about the seminar can be found on the PDR Marketing Minute Facebook page as well as the Mind Your Business event on Facebook where interested listeners can purchase tickets online.

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