Episode 86

Today, on PDR Marketing Minute, Gene Fetty discusses Live Videos and how they have helped him reach out to customers in a more personal way. In the past weeks, Gene has given his customers tours of the shop, the dent removal process, and more recently, the removal of a dent from a Harley Davidson tank. Most of the live streams are on his Facebook page, but he also uses YouTube to upload his videos – at times using multiple devices to stream simultaneously on both platforms. Not surprisingly, the streams created a lot of positive buzz with his Facebook page gaining a large number of organic likes and comments.

Gene then talks about what is required for conducting a live stream and how continuously talking during the stream really isn’t necessary. The best results come when you ignore the camera and just do what comes naturally. He also explains how Facebook and YouTube are competing in the Live Video segment and how it would be best to shoot the said video – preferring landscape over a vertical shooting. One of the biggest advantages of recording on YouTube, according to Gene, is that you can tag your current location within the video itself.

Lastly, Gene discusses his upcoming seminar in Pittsburgh on the 9th and 10th of November. He, along with Dave Streen, and Kip Brooks will be conducting the seminar where Kip specializes in psychological sales training, Dave’s expertise lies in balancing business and life, and Gene will be teaching PDR and marketing sales training. He also describes how they would be organizing group sessions on Saturday involving the audience members. One of the crowd favorite topics that will be discussed is AdWords. He ends the episode by directing listeners to the PDR Marketing Minute Facebook page and the Mind Your Business seminar on Facebook where they can get tickets to the seminar and find more information about it.

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