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Video Basics

There are a Few Must Haves to Make Better Videos

I am in the middle of making a whole course on how to make great videos to help market your PDR business without breaking the bank.  I love Myke Toledo’s videos that he puts out on Dent Time and Dent Trainer but don’t let his mad video skills scare you away from owning your market on YouTube. There area a few items that are must have before you start taking YouTube by storm. I’ve made a store on Amazon with some of my basic recommendations. Full disclosure, if you do purchase anything on this store I do make a small commission.  Don’t worry, it’s not enough to take over the world with or anything but it does help to justify putting all of this information out here for everyone!


The 2 main things that I would start with would be a microphone and a tripod. The Audio Technica lavalier mic is the one I started with and any tripod with a cell phone adapter will work just fine to get you rolling.